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“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.
There must be the will to produce the superior things.”

With this thought ,the Chairman of Br. Nath Pai Central School has initiated and set the goal as to deliver quality education to the students, specifically from rural area of Sindhudurg District,so as to hone their abilities and prove themselves in today’s world of competition .As these students have talent and capabilities, but lack an exposure to the global education system, Br.Nath Pai Central School came up with this genuine thought of making these students augment their skills and get the proper guidance so as to overcome their inferiority complex and become equals to their fellow students in Metropolis.It has been observed that these students overcome the geographical and financial deficiencies ,but fail most of the time to build self-cofidence.Taking this factor especially into consideration and providing them ample exposure to the world outside through Audio-visual means or through various school and inter- school level competitons,our team tries their best to boost their confidence.

“Every child deserves to be the best of what he is.”
School is that integral part of society which is an instrument of achieving this goal. School provides experiences which serve to bring out the qualities of humanness while developing the ability to hold once own in the face of competition and fulfill a greater purpose of life.It endeavors to make the personality of each child grow and bring out inherent qualities through years of schooling ,which includes varied activities such as sports, dance and music, arts and expression. These aid in the discovery of such talents.

At this unique institution, we hone the academic skills, fine-tune the aesthetic senses and work towards building a holistic culture that values the individuality of each pupil, helping them realize their innate potential. Children are encouraged to explore and revel in the joy of learning. Rote learning is discouraged and Research Based Learning is the norm, where each pupil is guided through an individualized work plan in consonance with his/her potential, thereby providing a complete learning experience. We give our students wings of ambition, so that they can soar like falcons to touch the skies and endeavor to make them global citizens who can look beyond geographical boundaries and promote a culture of peace and universal brotherhood. We always try to uplift the morale of our students. The mentors and students have always strived further to make their alma mater proud.

In Maharashtra students are full of mother tongue influences and lack fluency in English language. Paying heed to this need of the students ,we have designed so many language lab activities so as to make them interact in English and master the standard English accent.While developing their language skills ,detailed attention is paid to their personality growth even ,so as to make them efficient users of English language as well as represent the culture they inherit.Maharastra has a legacy of splendorous culture and Konkan especially is blessed with its unique cultural heritage.Because of which the students, who are the future mentors must inculcate it among themselves and will be able to propagate it to the next generation.

The school also aims at nurturing a healthy attitude in them.It nourishes latent talents and develops full potential.Through various cultural and sports activitities they are brought to an honest realization of life,where winning and losing are just phases and not the determiners of any student’s capabilities.The most important aspect of life is to live it,experience it,enjoy it and continue to learn and improve.This will make them confident to tackle any situation and bring out a solution for it instead of losing faith and getting frustrated.

Eventually the aim of Br.Nath Pai Central school is not to produce mechanically talented students but to mould each of the student as an ideal Indian citizen not just education wise but as a true and full-fledged human being. All children are born equal, some just have greater opportunities. To create equal opportunity for all remains our guiding principle.



When you educate children and believe in them, you empower those kids to go after their dreams to achieve their aim in life.



Student engagement refers to the degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion that students show when they are learning.



To dream of graduation represents achievement. You are transitioning to a higher level. You be experiencing the completion of a difficult phase.



Extending a reward to students helps to promote positive and appropriate behavior among students in perticular class or entire school.

Aim & Mission

Our Aim

To Build creative disciplined and dynamic leaders of tomorrow who will lead others by example and be active global citizen contributing richly to both our nation and the world.

Our Mission
  • To promote all-round development of the child.
  • To stimulate love of learning for a life time.
  • To develop physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual fitness/ capabilities.
  • To encourage team spirit, leadership qualities and to nurture individual and group excellence.
  • To provide world class infrastructure and faculty to foster human values that help the students to face the challenges of life.